About RYO

RYO is a premium Korean hair care brand with the belief that a healthy scalp is the key to youthful, beautiful hair full of shine and vitality.

Our products originate from Korean traditional herbal medicine and anti-aging ingredient, Ginseng powered by patented scalp and hair care optimization technology. Backed by 40 years of extensive research, RYO aims to be the perfect solution for scalp & hair loss care.

The most valuable ingredient,
Korean ginseng.

Ginseng saponin for strong healthy roots

RYO discovered that saponins help prevent hair loss. Ginseng saponins particularly increase the multiplication of follicle cells, which means the more follicle cells, the stronger the hair roots are, thus resulting in less hair falling.

Remarkable hair healing effect of ginseng

Through the study of ginseng and its effects on hair, RYO found that ginseng is capable of healing damaged hair. In an experiment, a dose of ginseng extract helped heal brittle pieces of hair and restore a healthy shine.

Slowing down the aging of the scalp

Ginseng is well known as a powerful antioxidant. In the sense that ginseng restores energy to the body, improves blood circulation and prevents the premature aging of vessels, it is obvious how ginseng can help improve the health of the scalp and hair. In addition, it stimulates the biosynthesis of proteins in the body and DNA. It boosts the regeneration of skin cells and consequently, the scalp ages three times slower than it would naturally.

Brand Philosophy

The long journey toward beautiful and healthy hair

RYO sought out a fundamental solution rather than a product that was only temporarily beneficial. Nearly 60 experts in eight fields from cosmetic ingredients, scalp care, fragrance and human organism came together with one common goal.

They went through a series of failures but their ten years of combined efforts eventually bore fruit. They successfully proved the safety and efficacy of medicinal herbs for hair loss treatment. The final products made of medicinal herbs were tested over 100 households where they successfully demonstrated their excellence through clinical tests with a panel of more than 500 members.

Endless Research Journey
of RYO Scalp Bio Lab

RYO Hair Loss Expert Care is science-focused formulated by the technology of RYO Scalp Bio Lab. It paves the way for managing hair loss with 40 years of research, discovering and developing innovative seeds through technical analysis and uncovering new benefits with functional materials for hair loss and scalp care with continuous consumer research on discovering consumer oriented solutions for sensory performance.

We have been designing data-driven, customer-centric products with

  • 5

    exclusive ingredients
    for hair loss care

  • 173

    patents on
    scalp and hair*

  • 30,000

    people scalp & hair
    consumer research

Technical Research

Discover and develop innovative
seeds through technical analysis.

Material Research

Develop new benefits and functional
materials for hair loss & scalp care.

Consumer Research

Research and discover consumer oriented
solutions for sensory performance

“RYO Scalp Bio Lab’s existence is beyond reality.
RYO confidently claims to be a science-based brand of hair loss care.”